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Or would this section be more aptly named what don't we do!



We wanted to take our creative experience and offer something unique to our clients via our travel.

We offer a variety of content creation solutions and ambassador coverage.

‘Ride Along’ content creation packages: This is where clients send products on an adventure with us. We photograph and video them as we travel, this is a great way to get location shoots without the cost of travelling with a full team. Items can stay on board long term for an ongoing variety in content.

Guerilla Sales Reps: We have a planned route of travel allowing clients to jump on board for specific events we attend where we act as guerilla sales reps for their product. Showcasing it to a broad audience and creating a network of non-compete brands on board our rig. This gives us plenty to talk about in a natural enthusiastic conversation at events across USA.

We are not influencers, our approach is to offer genuine recommendations from our personal experience in a conversational voice. We find that sales don’t come from a flashy expensive booth at an event where people feel pressured, real sales and brand loyalty comes from a conversation around a campfire, a recommendation from a friend. Think of our van as the water cooler conversation starter wherever we travel and have our voices represent your brand.

Meet and Shoot: Often brands pair with athletes or similar personalities, but a top athlete is not always a top photographer. We bridge this gap by shooting in their element and crafting a story for both parties social medias.



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LEVI has lived in the states of Michigan, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, California, Pensyllvania, New York, Arizona, Washington, Florida, The US Virgin islands and Puerto Rico. He has about 10 states left to have visited them all. 

Levi is a former professional martial artist and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt who has a passion for the ambiance, experience and culture in start up business solutions. He has hand built two beautiful brick and mortar martial arts and fitness academies from the ground up. His capabilities include everything from the branding, full interior/exterior design and aesthetic to the policy and procedures, accounting systems,  online marketing and guerrilla promotions. 

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KATE is Australian but has been living in New York for the past 5 years. She has Travelled New Zealand, Japan, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Canada, Mexico, Cayman Is and has road tripped The Blues Highway North to South, from Palm Springs up HWY101 to the Redwood Forest and a circle trip of the Grand Canyon to White Sands Monument and back again. She has about 20 states left to see them all. 

Kate Field is a top-tier image retoucher, photographer and graphic designer. She has previously worked in PR and advertising for Sydney agencies PPR, TRIBE and MetroGraphics where she designed branding and promotional strategies for major retailers and government clients.


Having moved her business to the USA Kate focussed her niche on retouching and has been lucky to work and travel with some of the top US fashion photographers. Her current client list includes GQ, Mens Health, Vogue Australia, Vogue USA, Maybelline, Discovery Chanel, InStyle, Vulture Magazine, Saturday Night Live, Maxim and many more.



Along our travels we also run self defense workshops. We usually aim our workshops towards women or LGBTQ communities and we also work with companies who want to host workshops for their staff members. Again our message is empowerment. Our world can be a dangerous place sometimes and unfortunately no one gets through life without a physical altercation at some point. 


Our workshops are designed to not only prepare people for a potential encounter but to also empower them into not ever having a “victims mentality”. The two hour workshops host a series of technical, conceptual and psychological defense tactics to defuse, avoid and evade a dangerous aggressor. We travel with our Jiu Jitsu mats which allows us to set up these workshops in yoga studios, businesses and even our favourite in beautiful parks. 

Contact us to organise your own workshop.

Together we love travelling and exploring, we get bored of one place quickly but everybody needs a space to call home - it just seemed right to have a home we could take everywhere with us. That would also allow us to reach farther with our own businesses. The vanlife provides us with a constant source of inspiration, a freedom that feeds creativity, a valuable connection to our clients at a grass roots hands on level and provides up with an endless resource of epic backdrops for social media content creation!

We hope to bring our message of empowerment to you.