Hi we are Kate and Levi from www.werollwithit.com or @werollwithit on instagram. We have custom converted our 2018 4x4 Sprinter Van into the most capable overland van in the country. This year we are travelling USA and displaying our van at events nation wide, sharing with the community information about how to convert their own vehicle. We also host 4x4 tours where you can join us for a fun adventure, learn how to use recovery gear and ask questions about the overland lifestyle. 

A week ago we visited Mercedes-Benz of Westminster CO for our B service. We had recently met the regional manager for Sprinter who had highly recommended this location. We made the appointment and in we went. Knowing our service would include an oil change we made sure to tell our service representative that we had an aftermarket skid plate on our van. Should they need us to remove it first we could. But he assured us that there was enough clearance for them to do the oil change without removal. 

We made ourselves comfortable and got some work done while we waited for our van. The service was completed, hands were shook and they requested strongly that we made a google review of our experience (here it is). We then drove from Denver to Dillon climbing an elevation of close to 5000ft. Being the middle of summer this was the hottest our van engine had ever been. 


As I looked over the work order I saw a line item for tire rotation. Now, if you’ve been following our build 2.0 stories you know that we only just painted our rims black, I’d surely have to touch up this paint from the rotation. We arrived at our campsite and we checked the rims… not a single mark. They had not been rotated - so this lead us to check over the work order line by line. Here we reach the skid plate, a pool of at least quart of oil sitting inside it and looking back down the belly of the van motor oil sprayed ALL over the underside of our rig. 

On a $958.46 service, disappointed doesn’t even begin to encompass the emotion we felt looking at the pool of oil.

We had driven the hottest drive of our journey and our stomachs turned at the thought that our home could have easily gone up in flames that day with us in it. At first light we took video of the damage to send back to Mercedes Westminster and made our way to the closest car wash. Levi climbed under the van and painstakingly ensured that there was no oil left and that our ride was safe again. We sent the video (see it yourself below) and called our service representative to tell him what had happened. He said he would call us back. 

Days went by, we called again. More days, more calls but now we could no longer get connected to our representative. Assistants gave us the runaround. After a week of chasing the last assistant said to come in and they would clean it!

WOW we were shocked by the complete lack of understanding of the situation and lack of knowledge on vehicle safety at this point.

We explained to him the reason why we had already cleaned it immediately. He phoned back and said the best they could do would be to offer us 10% off our next service. I bet you can already guess what I’m about to say right? We travel full time so not only would we likely not be in the area at the time of service needs but after the way our precious van had been handled along with the way we had been treated we would certainly NOT be returning to Mercedes-Benz of Westminster CO EVER! 

The next time our van needs a service we will be sure to do the oil change ourselves, take a look at the tires and carefully not rotate them ourselves too. Let this be our lesson to you that no matter how professional the name is or how expensive the work is, always check over everything. If you aren’t mechanical take a friend who is. And next year Ford Transit is making stock 4x4 model ;)

As we travel throughout the rest of this year to numerous events around the country we’ll be sure to tell the thousands of people we meet that ask buyer questions about our van and our experiences all about this particular one. 

FUN FACT: we had filled up our DEF tank a few days before the service. We drive a lot and we constantly need to fill the DEF. From empty it costs us $14 for the large bottle which will fill the tank. Line item from Mercedes Westminster… go on guess the price… $41.40 for 1/3 of a tank top up. Now that’s some fancy DEF fluid!

kate field