Mercedes Benz Sprinter


Our Sprinter is the 3500 Mercedes Benz 4x4 2018 model

We did a lot of research and there were a few factors that lead us to choosing this rig
It has the dual tire rear axle which we knew we would want as we have intentions to be carrying a lot of gear inside and this can take the extra weight. The 4x4 was a must for us, we know that we will want to get to some off road locations to camp as out there as possible, during the winter season when we want to snowboard this will be great for snowy icy roads and in the summer surf season we will be able to drive right out on the sand. 

The standard package on this van is amazing, automatic traction control, downhill decent control and even a stabilising control for wind gusts on the highway. Back up camera with censors. The front end has a factory 3.5" lift kit and the rear  has a 2.5" lift. The engine is a 6 cylinder turbo charged diesel and it has a 8,000lb tow package. 

Our van has sliding doors on both sides, which is a custom extra which you can choose. We are already super happy about having this feature, even as we sit on the street marking out where to put things inside we are so glad of the cross breeze and the open air element of having both sides open. 

VANkate field