MB Quart Sound System

Let’s talk music! 

We’ve done a big audio upgrade in the van with a full MBQUART premium sound system. We replaced the speakers in the doors by sizing them up to a 6.5 Formula FKB116 and the tweeters in the dash to Discus DT1-25, this simply playing from the stock head unit along with sound deadening and insulation in the floor and doors of the cockpit gives us all the great sound we need up front for long drives with minimal road noise. 

In the living quarters of the van we have multi zone audio by using the MBQUART RVM2.0 head unit. We have 4 Discus DK1-116 in the kitchen/living, the same in the rear doors and 2 FKB116S (these are the slimmer size) above the bed. We used the slims above the bed as this is in the mid section of the ceiling where there is less space. When mounting on the outsides of the ceiling, we were able to cut away our insulation but leave the rattle trap and fit full sized speakers.   

Under our kitchen seat box we have 2 10 inch slim subwoofers and if you check out the ‘build 2.0’ story highlight on our instagram @werollwithit you’ll see how we made a cosy home for these babies. 

The two zones, kitchen & bedroom, can be used together at independent volumes, or with one turned off. It’s great! We have a full surround sound cinema experience as we watch movies on our laptop in bed haha but hey the screen is close so it’s kinda like the cinema!! We can also flip our rear doors out and spread sound outside and it all connects up via Bluetooth to our phone, laptop or iPad’s music media. 

Down the road we will be adding some outdoor marine speakers to this set up so stay tuned for that! But for now find us on Instagram and let us know your favourite road trip albums, we will be sure to give them a listen with this amazing sound system! 

kate field