Webasto Dual Top Evo 6
Hoses and fittings
Aluminium box

Total cost of water - $4000

When looking into heating we saw a lot of people doing a small heater under the passenger seat, originally we too bought one of these but after searching for hot water options, the price and all in one concept of the Webasto Dual top seemed the best way to go especially since we wanted our ride to have no propane on board.

This awesome unit keeps the van toasty warm even in the coldest places we travel and the hot water is a total luxury.

The installation instructions provided however are lacking to say the least and the customer service is an abomination SO yes we love the Webasto but grab one knowing its a solo journey from then on in!!


Webasto says the unit can be mounted under your vehicle BUT our unit arrived with a broken cowling and when we contacted to get a replacement they said ‘oh yeah they break all the time, very brittle’ and sent out a new one. :/ given this ‘break all the time’ deal we figured mounting it directly to the underside of a vehicle we planned to fo a lot of off-roading with would probably not be wise. Not wanting to take up space or have noise inside our rig, this is the solution we came up with - a custom aluminium box that will fit where the spare tire normally mounts at the rear of the van.


Once the box was made and the Webasto fitted it was time for another hole in the van.


Everything could then drop in from the top and the unit could be connected up. Webasto has some strict tolerances as to angles and directions of tubes so be sure to follow these. We also found out the hard way that nothing American will fit this unit, its all in metric so if you are in the USA be sure to also order your ducting and vents from Heatso to ensure a working fit.


Final thoughts: be sure to set up and test your unit using buckets of water and a pump before install. We found a leak in ours after install and it its a total punish to get it out to solve this problem, Webasto is good when its working but they must not quality check units as they go out so its up to you to do this step for them! It seems unnecessary (and it should be) BUT its worth the time to do this check and switch out a defective unit before install.

kate field