Flarespace with Tern Overland windows

Welcome to the boudoir...

This is the view from Kate’s side of the bed and a chance for us to share with you our thoughts on the awesome combo that is our wider Flarespace flares and the arctic tern windows from Tern Overland

Let’s get right to it THEY’RE BOTH FREAKING AWESOME!!! Our original build used slider windows. These were great in the sunshine but because our awning only covers the front end of the van we could not open the slide windows when it rained. The arctic tern windows flip out so they create their own little awning which is fantastic for getting airflow in rainy days. 

The windows have four settings 1. Closed - fully sealed and they have an air pocket in the window so this is great for staying warm in really cold conditions. 2. Vent mode - where they are latched but air can flow in, you can drive with them in vent mode too and they don’t make any noise, we also tested this driving in the rain and stayed dry. 3/4. Half open, and fully open - as you push the window out it will naturally stop and two holding points, half open is great for rain too. 

Pushing the window all the way out will release the gas shock and you can then pull it in to close it. These windows are tip top and we are super happy we made the change. Every van build is different and it’s all about finding what is right for yours. For our needs these windows tick all the boxes! 

Now for the flares, we had the thinner flares in our original build and we had a king size bed. But something just wasn’t right, we still found ourselves running out of space and Levi still had to get diagonal to fit. Our new build has the wider flares and a smaller queen sized bed (2 panels of the MOAB from Adventure Wagon) this configuration makes us so much more comfortable! It’s crazy but even though the mattress is smaller we feel like we have so much more room!! We stretch out and point our toes happily. Who knew that top to bottom was so important in a bed build?!

I had always thought we needed the width of the bed but I’ve learned that is not the case. We’ve gained so much more liveable space in the van by making our bed smaller and yet sleeping at night I feel like I have heaps of room to stretch out!

Happy napping! 

kate field