We have 3 battery set ups on board our rig. The car battery (we all have that!) the back of house batteries and now the Aux batteries under our hood. Our Aux batteries will charge all our exterior components, the KC lighting setup, Roambuilt winch bumper, also a few extra outlets in the front of the cab and future air compressor.

We have two Fullriver DC224-6 mounted in the Adventure Wagon Battery Tray set up in series for a combined 12 volts.

You can pick up this setup as a DIY kit from Adventure Wagon which makes life really easy! Grab your tray here and check out their install video below:

Adventure Wagon Battery Tray and Charging Bundle Looking to add extra batteries to your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van? Our system utilizes the OEM auxiliary battery mounts under the hood. The tray will support two Group GC2 6 volts batteries that can provide up to 220 amp hours of reserve storage. If you already have an auxiliary battery, you will more than double your capacity by trading up to our system.
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