We travel full time and we run our creative agency from the road so having fast reliable internet wherever we go is important for us to be able to stay connected with our clients and keep our business running. We also love to camp way off the grid and far far away from any towns and a certain someone in the van loves his Netflix and chill. Here’s the products we’ve added to our rig to stay connected.


We use the We Boost RV set up, but we found the antenna that comes with the kit is not strong enough for the areas we like to camp in. So we added the 19 inch truck antenna and instantly had better results. This set up along with thoughtful positioning has so far kept us at 3-4 bars and on LTE.


Even with the booster think about your position. If we are tucked into trees or rocks we park with our antenna facing out and this can make a huge difference in service. Our internal antenna is positioned right next to Kate’s workspace and we are adding a splitter to put the slim line antenna up the front by our seats.


We keep our phones on different providers, one with ATT unlimited with 22gb shared monthly data. The other on Verizon unlimited. This helps us maximise coverage, often one provider will have better signal than the other.

It’s important to look at your shared data allocation on these plans as that is what counts for using your phone as a hotspot for your laptop. We also try to do as much work as possible directly on the phones, this way the shared data is only used for sending work to or from our clients.


We have the Skyroam Solis which is on a $99 month plan of unlimited data and works globally. Okay some things about unlimited here… these types of products run off other service towers in the area, as such the service they can generate will be provided to them as a secondary to the customers connected to plans directly liked to those towers. eg if its using an AT&T tower priority would be given to all the AT&T customers before your little Skyroam can get any love. This means that theres a noticeable difference when other people are around - our Netflix will run great at empty camps but if there’s other people arond it will go slower. But all in all, the Skyroam with the We Boost is good for Netflix (NOTE: it was not good enough without the We Boost)

Here’s a link to pick up a Skyroam Solis with 10% off!


We have our We Boost connected directly to DC power all the time and we have the Skyroam Solis permanently plugged into a USB right next to the We Boost internal antenna.


Netflix also allows you to change the quality settings of playback, if you pick the mid level you will get better results. Here’s how to do that:

Sign in to Netflix.com.

  1. Select the profile you'd like to change your data usage settings for.

  2. Select Account.

  3. Under My Profile, select Playback Settings.

  4. Select your desired data usage setting.

  5. Select Save. Your changes will take effect within 8 hours.

Enjoy your Netflix and chill in your van!

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