We have had the Urban Drivestyle Unimokes on board for three months and have really enjoyed road testing them. As their name suggests they are perfect for the urban environment. We have been able to park the van in towns and use the bikes to explore local restaurants, shopping and sight seeing.

We charge the bikes batteries inside the van making them the ultimate free mode of transport. It takes them just a couple of hours to fully charge and we are able to run around with them for about a week of daily use before needing to charge again.

The bikes are pedal assist so that does mean you need to be pedalling for them to run. The assist makes pedalling easy so even a very long bike ride becomes pleasant. They can go up very steep hills but it can be hard to get them started on an incline, we simply start them rolling down and then turn around to zoom up the hill.


While they are ideal in urban landscapes that certainly didn’t stop us from taking them off road! They performed well on fire trails and even on beaches. We love the cafe racer style look of these bikes, we’ve even seen a lot of people customising them which is really fun! The headlamp works for some exciting night rides and there are many additional accessories available for you to make your Urban Drivestyle ride specific to your needs.

As far as a vanlife accessory goes these bikes are great. They are easy to ride and with top speeds of 23mph they are perfect for beginner riders.

Check out the full range of Urban Drivestyle rides available here https://urbandrivestyle.com/

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