Like most people we love taking photos while we travel and we also need to take a lot of images for work. Marketing our businesses and generating content for social media. Often we do grab our iPhones and honestly they do an impressive job for shots that are going online or things that are more off the cuff like the Instagram stories. When we know an image needs to be bigger, like on the banners of the website or printed materials we use our Canon 5D mkIV. 

Camera - Canon 5D MkIV

This Camera is a great DSLR, most of the time it has the Canon 24/70 lens on it for versatility but this is pretty heavy for hiking so we also have the pancake 40 lens which lightens that load when you need to. I didn't choose the 24/105 lens which is available as a package with this camera body, the reason being is that you can hand hold with the 24/70 more easily because of its stabilization features and for me personally I find myself hand holding all the time and often in less than perfect lighting. 

Tripod - SLIK Sprint Pro II Tripod

Having a van means a little more luxury to cary gear than say a backpacker might, but we are often hiking into shooting locations so we still don’t want anything too heavy. This tripod is great for us because its a good in-between size, it allows us to take still photography but you can also release the lower going to use for smooth video panning. 


Again not too big not too small this folds down to fit in the front of our camera bag. 

Camera - GoPro Fusion

This GoPro is awesome! it films 360 all the time so you frame your video in post after shooting. You can export different viewpoints from a single 360 video which for me filming a lot of fast action and off-road vehicles this is perfect. It has in built image stabilisation so that gets rid of the need for a gimbal! As far as all rounded capabilities and small compact size for life on the road I am loving this camera!

Burton Camera Bag

Big thanks to our pals at Burton in New York City for gifting us this beast of a bag. It not only keeps all our current gear safe as we off-road on some wild tracks but it has lost of compartments ready for when we add a drone and a go pro to our kit. The pocket on the side fits our tripod perfectly and theres lots of extra little pockets for us to hide clients products when we are doing ‘ride along’ photo shoots. Camera - Canon 5D MkIV


Let’s all just admit this, no matter what amazing photo gear we have the best camera is always the one in your hand at the right moment. Like most of our generation we are glued to our phones so it’s only natural that we shoot a lot of our content with them, especially Instagram stories, and you know what, there’s nothing wrong with that! viva the iPhone!

Post Processing

So you have all the best gear, but it doesn’t stop there. Post production is an important part to getting a beautiful shot, think of it as the icing on the cake, nobody likes an united cake. I shoot raw and process my images in CaptureOne, I then move to Photoshop if needed to fix anything. I also use Lightroom and for our own social images this is probably my go to program. I can sync the setting from my computers Lightroom to the App on my iPhone which makes it easy to get a consistent look on the go. 

Want to see our work? You can see our images of course on Instagram @werollwithit you can also see our media work (photo and video) at and you can see Kate’s post production retouching work at

kate field