We have a few passes in the van and we will add to this list as we find more. Sometimes we get all the way into a campsite before we find a sign telling us which pass we need to be there and sometimes that means driving back out to a town to get said pass. Hopefully this list will help you to have all your passes ready before you take off!


Harvest Hosts is great and gets you some really unique places to stay, plus you can often find places where there is not many camping options which is helpful. People with businesses can become hosts and they will allow you to stay for free on their property. you’ll find fun places like wineries, alpaca farms, museums and local stores. You meet some really cool people and it’s polite to pick up something from their store while you are there. The Hosts only provide the space for you to stay, no ammenities, so make sure you are fully self contained with your own power, bathroom and cooking methods on board.

Join up via this link for 15% off your membership from us! HARVEST HOSTS MEMBERSHIP


If you are keen on seeing national parks this is a great one to get. It also makes a great gift for a vanlifer! The pass covers entrance fees at national parks and national wildlife refuges along with a few other places. you can find out more info about it here ATB PASSES it’s $80


National Forest Adventure Pass - these passes are $30 annually or $5 per night. They cover all the camping areas in 4 national forests across California: Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres and San Bernadito National Forest. There’s some great campgrounds in these areas so you can easily get your moneys worth on this pass, and rangers do come around to campgrounds to check passes, without a pass you will get a fine (we had ours but saw some other people get fined)

You can often find these passes available at small towns near the campgrounds (near could be a 45min drive) to be prepared they are also available online here ADVENTURE PASS

Want a map to help you find over 50 great campsites to visit using the Adventure Pass?! Download our map here

California Campfire Permit - it’s free! It’s basically just a reminder of how to be safe with your fires, you can pick it up online here CAMPFIRE PERMIT or if you’re lucky like us and see some friendly Fieries on the trail they can fill you one out on the spot

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