Product Review #1001
The Pacific Theater Jiu Jitsu gi

We were so excited to receive our order from CTRL Industries. As you know we are both Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts and are on the mats for hours each day. In Jiu Jitsu, unlike other martial arts, the gi (kimono) isn’t just a garment for formality. It’s a tool. Therefore fit and function play a part in the technical application during training. This particular gi has it all for your perfect summer acquisition. 

The Pacific Theater is a commemorative to the Navajo code talkers and soldiers who fought in 1944 to recapture Guam during WWII. The gi comes in white or a Mossy Black that’s truly a one of a kind colorway. The vintage P42 camo style trim and green patchwork really balance nicely but what sets off the features is the chessweave in the 450 gsm summer-weight jacket. Also, if you like twill pants buy want the lightweight ripstop security, they have you covered with a “twillstop” fabric for the pants. Jacket and pants both have a tapered athletic cut and feel for performance. 

CTRL is truly light years ahead of many other companies in the R&D department and it shows in its performance on the mat. Space is limited in our adventure van so we can’t take a huge stack of gis with us. We only have room for the essentials and these will be first on our list of training gear. This is the summer gi to pick up for you Jiu Jitsu friends out there! Don’t wait because CTRL is super limited and ultra exclusive. Get yours before their gone. 

kate field