Jitsy's Top 10

Filson dog coat

Sometimes we travel to colder areas so the little guy needs a coat too, it keeps him dry on rainy days. This coat is also reversible so our dapper little dude gets two looks out of this one. 

Filson Dog Collar

Sturdy and stylish. Saddle-grade leather strap. Safety O-ring allows for inversion if snagged. Buckle closure with D-ring lead attachment.

Browning portable dog dish

This food and water dish is great, if we are driving we can pack it away and the pull string top for the food is great for packing food if we will be away from the van. 

Crave Dog Food

And for inside that bowl… We’ve tried lots of different dog foods and Jits always gets most excited about this brand. He’s always regular and happy when we have it.


So its not really an essential but ‘cmon so cute!! This one is by @woollyheadmakes who makes dog bandanas from reclaimed fabrics in Vancouver BC



If we know we are leaving the van for more than a few hours we want to make sure that Jits has everything he needs to be comfortable and hydrated. the best way to do this quickly is for him to have his own backpack. This is the one we chose based on comfort and style.

Kong Bone

If your best mate is anything like ours toys have a life expectancy of about a week. This kong has lasted years!! Kong toys are super durable and when he needs a distraction we add some peanut butter in the ends for a quite pup. 

Carhartt dog bed

We took this bed to a tailor in Brooklyn who shortened it and added a notch so the it would fit between the front seats where he loves to ride. Being in that spot means we need to step on it to get around  so the extra tough Carhartt fabric is great for this. We can pull it out and put it in a sunny spot wherever we make camp. 

Sticky Rollers

Okay this one is not for Jits, but if you have a pet you know these are a must have!

Koi CBD Dog Chews

Grab them here: https://koicbd.com/product/koi-cbd-soft-chews/
Most of the time Jits is super chill but occasionally he gets the hiccups and they really stress him out. We keep these CBDs on hand in case of hiccups and he relaxes and they’re gone almost instantly. Before we found these we could be up all night with a hiccup pup so these are definitely an essential! 

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