If the 70s brought us BMX let the 20s be the rise of the EMX - Electric MotoX

For the past month we’ve been road testing the Falcon and the Eagle from CAB Motorworks and we’re very happy to say that we love these bikes! Lets start with the Recon, that’s the red bike on the left and its the fastest of the trio. The Recon boasts a powerful 72volt battery which pulls more than 320lb/ft of torque on a bike weighing just over 100 pounds. That’s half the weight of an average dirt bike and the same torque as a stock Dodge Charger! 🤯

The Recon will get you 0-60mph in under 4 seconds, has a max speed of 65mph and has the option for an unbelievable battery range of 200 miles! This truly is the most powerful electric bike on the planet! And if you’ve been following our Instagram you’ll know it’s pretty good at doing roosts 😉The Recon has a slightly wider seat and a higher stance than the other two models so if you’re a bigger human this is the bike for you.

AN5A6555 copy.jpg

Now let’s check out the olive green friend on the right, that’s the Eagle. The Eagle is wound for torque in the highest power to weight motor on the market and is easily able to break 50 mph, it has a 100 mile range. All three bikes boast 19" DOT endure tires front and rear, making them a comfortable ride on and off-road.

In the middle we have the baby in blue, the Falcon. But nobody puts this baby in the corner! The Falcon has a top speed of over 40mph and over 110 ft-lbs of dyno tested torque at the wheel and a 50 mile range.

So you get it these toys are fast! But what makes them perfect for throwing into your Sprinter van? Because they are electric we charge them up right from our solar system. There are a few different chargers you can choose from, the larger one will have you from 0% to 100% in about an hour. They are completely silent! You can rip it up around the campsite without disturbing a soul! You’ll see more wildlife on the trails because they wont hear you coming. Heading down a 4x4 road you haven’t done before, no problem, scout ahead with the bikes! Forgot something for dinner but the camp is all set up, just zip back into town and grab it.

If you are interested in test riding one of these bikes get in touch with us as we will be offering demos along our travels and we will let you know where to find us.

The feeling of their power is just like a Tesla, it’s a smooth distribution, it’s instant power, no gears just faster and faster. Trust us one ride and you will love these bikes, even the petrol head of our family was converted to being an ebike aficionado.

kate field