We try a lot of new products to try to find the perfect fit for our tiny living lifestyle. Coffee is a daily routine for us and anything that happens daily in the van needs to be EASY! Here’s the comprehensive list of all the coffee solutions we’ve tried on the road - scroll to the bottom if you just want to know the best product ;)

4. In apartment life we had a glass pour over set up, it was really pretty and made great coffee, needless to say this set up never even got a chance in the vanlife #NOGLASS

3. Searching for durability we decided to try the Stanley travel mug french press. These were pretty good, since we like our coffee served differently it was helpful to be able to make an individual brew BUT the cleaning process, terrible! Too many little pieces and all too small to get your hands in side to clean, in a life where water comes from a tank you don’t want to be wasting it cleaning.

2. Since the french press was good but just let down on the cleaning we stuck to the theme by trying the Stanley all in one boil and brew. We didn’t use it as instructed, we preferred to boil the water in the kettle and then pour it into the grinds in the press. This did well, made just the right amount of coffee for two and was a quick easy clean up. Sooo why isn’t this number one? We’re being really picky at this point, the container wasn’t insulated. This meant that while we waited for the coffee to brew it would go cold really fast, especially at some of the colder camps we’ve stayed at.

  1. Okay now you know the level of our caffeine connoisseur addiction - here is our ultimate coffee maker for vanlife! It’s the Sea to Summit Xbrew. Its collapsible so it’s small when stored, it’s plastic so it wont break. Super easy to clean, you don’t need paper filters just throw those grinds right in there. We can pour straight into our insulated cups, individually to our own tastes. We can make as much or as little as needed, so find us in the mornings and we will pour you some wake up bean water!

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